Yesterday I cleaned up my code and separated the script part from the html one, so they became two separate files plus stylesheet.

I made also some small changes in stylesheet file, such as color change, background and font, just to name a few.

Today my partner and I worked together on the random function with tap, which actually made the page get a little bit buggy, due to tap function sensitivity. We tried as well taphold, but it did not work as it was intended to. So after many trials and errors we decided to move on and use swipe with four fingers instead.

Well my conclusion is that working with touch is harder than I anticipated. We were pleased with the result, even though we had to make some changes from our initial idea when it comes to the random function. In terms of skill development, we were not there yet to make circular swipe work, and could not really cope. We had to stop and think about a new action course. Maybe if we had some more days to gain some experience it might have worked with the circular swipe.

Even though we could not use the circular swipe, I think we made a very good use of pixels to add expressiveness to the design – we used colours, images and animations to give a clear feedback to the user.

Finally we discussed a little about how to make the presentation. When we got home we saw we got some questions to reflect upon, so what we did was to discuss these questions online.



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