Working it out

Today my partner and I met at school and sat there until 16:00. We are basically done now, just some tinkering to do.

What we have done today was to use the Jquery plugin in our sketch, and do the logic part…you know, the if/elseif sentences, directions, finger count, the outputs…

We would share code snippets via Facebook chat with the changes made right on the spot.


Mostly everything was working smoothly, and the question was: how are we going to do with the random playlist function…circular swipe proved to be more than we can chew for now…so we decided to try tap at home.

So we made a to-do list, in order to assign tasks to each of us…


Well I forgot this work division and ended up doing the three first tasks right when I got home (the first one still at school, we did some of it together) and it went fast…but in my opinion the hardest one was left to my partner, so I guess it was somewhat evened out.

Okay, it is getting late, I deserve some relaxing time.


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