Looking for a solution

Today we didn’t have anything scheduled, so I kept working from home…and so did my partner.

I spent the whole day basically trying to figure out how to use several combinations of fingers on same DOM element…Oh well…the library that I was using did not really allow that…it took me many hours to figure it out…I went through all the Fingers library files, just to find out that it would not work in the way it was intended to.

Besides working on the code,  my partner and I used Facebook to communicate and share ideas in terms of design, such as using an image that can represent playlist, preferably universally, since no text would be used, and people from all over the world could understand what the image stands for.

Here is the image we came up with (from icons8.com):

Playlist icon

Playlist icon

Oh well one more day of epic fail when it comes to coding,  but at least I know what to do next… Go to bed,  tomorrow it will get better.


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