Working from home

Hi there again!

As I have mentioned previously, we have been working today with each other virtually.

I started by trying to solve the multiple finger problem…how to use swipe with several combinations of fingers that return distinct outputs?

I started looking on Stockoverflow, see if someone had similar issue…I came across a plugin called Fingers that could read several combinations of fingers…so I decided to try it out, clean and minimize the plugin code. So I was happy, that I could swipe a finger, and get an output, swipe two fingers, another output…but the thing is – it was only possible to do it in separate DOM elements. We want to use several combinations of fingers but on the same DOM element. I am tired now…maybe I am doing something wrong in the code…

It is frustrating, but tomorrow will be a better day…I think about the text all the time…I am feeling like the novice in JavaScript, and I have hard time in coping…I hope I can develop my skills FAST.


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