Let’s get started!

As I have mentioned previously, we have decided to work with music app concept, focusing on playlists. Why did we choose it, you might be wondering…

Accessing a playlist can be confusing for some people, and it also involves many steps, some of them we consider unnecessary. We believe we can make the interaction between the user and the interface simpler, yet richer, with expressive feedback. That’s how we understand nuance – a way of making something that feels fluent and gives feedback that is expressive and rich in form of pixels – we intend to use colours and icons as output, to show the user what is going on, a form to assure this person that he/she is doing it right.

sketchWe tested how many steps it takes to access the lists – approximately four, which can be a little bit hard for those who are not tech savvy. We reduced it to swipe touch – If you want go forward/backward one list, you swipe up/down with one finger, and if you want to skip two, you use two fingers, and so on. Do you want a random playlist – we also think about creating this function. 

I suppose that in the beginning, it would take time for the user to learn all the combinations and use several fingers, since usually only one finger is used. But gradually, the user will gain experience, and with experience comes improved skills, until the user swipes through the lists without even looking at the screen.

As a starting point we wrote down the concept in a simplified way. The next step was to take a look at the Kattegat’s samples. We chose to focus on Pointer World and made modifications, to make it similar to swipe effect. It worked for one finger, in all four directions – up and down, left and right. However, if you wanted more fingers, you would have to make a lot of calculations in order to create coordinates for each finger. Imagine the trouble…So the plan is to keep working on it…

So, summarising, we spent this day simply sketching and exploring the possibilities and try to find a solution that can serve our design. To be honest, it felt so productive – we did not spend much time with divergence, because from the beginning we knew what design problem we wanted to solve, so we sorta went straight to the transformation/ideational process.

Tomorrow we cannot meet, since my partner helps students with programming, and I have doctor appointment. So we will be using Facebook chat instead of physically meeting tomorrow.


Starting point – Let’s change Pointer World!


Creating functions…


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