Introducing the topic

Today was the kick off for the module 03, we were introduced to the theme nuance, pixels, and touch. We were asked to add depth, expressiveness to something that is seen as stepwise, and make it fluent – that is, we choose something that lacks depth, or nuance you can call it, and find interactions that involve repeated steps. Our goal is to collapse these repeated steps into a single, richer action.

This time we did not need to choose partners, they were assigned to us. I could not have asked for a better one – we are very similar, and think in the same wavelength. We came up with the same idea, namely simplify music application and how people interact with it, with focus on playlists. So the divergence phase in our design process was very short – we knew from the beginning what we wanted to work with and how to tackle it.

We were also asked to read a text written by Hurbert L. Dreyfus, “Intelligence without representation – Merleau-Ponty’s critique of mental representation”, whose take on skill development helps us to develop a concept that supports skill development as we perceive it.I read it, and found it somewhat abstract, the examples given were very outside our “hi-tech” reality. So let’s see how we can incorporate some of their ideas in our design.


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