Final adjustments

Today it was time to assemble the parts. and build the prototype. During the testing phase we noticed that the sensor is very sensitive, it does not take much to trigger it. The other issue we were aware of…that the sensor only reads one direction, namely when a person is approaching the sensor frontally.

And finally, the sound part…

I love Arduino, it was a shame that I had to keep it simple, due to time and resource constraints. Plus, I was the only one in the duo with Arduino experience, so I refrained from overcomplicating .

It was very fun to do the sound part with the piezo buzzer – I had to use some of my limited piano skills. But still I managed to code for the tune “Heart and Soul”. The reason I chose this tune for the positive experience is that I have very sweet and tender associations with it – me trying to keep up with my husband when playing this tune on the piano – very challenging but fun! Another association is with the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks at FAO Schwarz – I love the movie and the store, and that big piano on the floor is iconic!

I searched on Internet for inspiration and guidance on the best way to code it – I made my own version, it was not merely copy/paste.

The result was….well…okay…the piezo buzzer I have was a joke…very weak and it didn’t even work with resistor, so I had to remove the resistor from the circuit.

And the sound is not that smooth either…it reminds me of those ring tones from the 1990s. But still I was proud of being able to “translate” this tone into Arduino language.

Well, now it is too late for further polishing, and we did not have much time to tackle these issues – this module was very short and the divergence phase went on “forever”, it felt like that at least.

Here is a code snippet of the sweet tune used on the positive experience.


Coding in Arduino

And here is what the “final prototype” looks like


Our prototype



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