Show ‘n’ tell

Okay…I made some changes as I said I would during the weekend…the problem is that I forgot to show the changes to my partner, but I thought it would be ok, since what I have changed is not really central in our concept, namely the background. If there are more than 20 devices, there are plenty of unicorns running (it reflects the crowdedness aspect), and if there are fewer than 20 devices, there is the image of one crying unicorn. It is me who drew the unicorn, so I thought it would be cool to showcase my skills!

My partner informed me that he was sick and could not come to the presentation…PANIC! I wanted to show my version to him…and if he did not like we could use his version…but as he was sick, I did not want to bother him with something so insignificant, at least for me.

The presentation was okay, even though we got much criticism, but at least of the constructive kind, and I actually agree with them. One of the criticisms is that our concept was giving a “black-or-white” idea – it is either too many devices, or too few devices, we do not explore anything in the middle.

Another criticism is that our concept is sort of normative – we tell the user how she/he is supposed to feel if there are many/few people around – we did not leave much space for the user to experience one’s own feelings. It is as if we are imposing feelings related to crowdedness and emptiness. As Kant puts it, space is a subjective notion, so we all experience it differently. And finally, when it comes to the website, we should have removed the instruction part, really unnecessary. Additionally the unicorn animation when there are too many people was somewhat too “frenetic”and could make people more nervous instead of calmer. But according to my classmates we succeeded in causing impact on their mood.

My own reflections about the module was that we took for granted people’s attitude toward emptiness/crowdedness, we made assumptions that are not necessarily true.  We should have left more space for interpretation, user’s own experience instead. It felt like we were designing for ourselves, instead of adopting a user-centred design.

Another problem is communication and working in pair – my partner tended to work on his own, or alone get help from his buddies and would leave me “in the dark”. I had to ask him constantly how things were going, and what I was supposed to focus on, and I even had to say “it is actually an assignment in pairs, so we should do it accordingly.

But I also should have asked him about the animation before presenting, we both have flaws and we learn from our mistakes.

Anyway, that’s how our page looks like now


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