Hell yeah

Ok today I was on fire! If on Monday I felt like an technologically impaired duck, today I felt like that nerdy kid dancing.


As mentioned before, we were having some issues with play and stop buttons…well the stop button was created but no listening event. So we started coding and looking for solution. When my partner went for lunch I kept trying different ways to make the sound stop and then I faced another problem – once you stop you could not resume the playing. After reading on several fora, such as Stackoverflow, I found the solution to resume. And we were also having some issue with the start button  -In order to make the songs change on their own, we had to set an interval so it would refresh every 2 seconds. But still on iOs devices you would have to press play in order to refresh.  So I showed my stop-button solution to my partner, and together we incorporated it to “Play” button but with reverse logic. It worked like a charm! Now we could play and stop without any problem on mobile devices, and on the web version it worked really well.




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