Tinker tinker

So I came to terms with using approximate number of bluetooth devices in vicinity rather than the accurate number. We managed to count the approximate number of devices, but as my partner pointed out before, it is not that important to have the exact number, since all we need to know is if there are many or few bluetooth devices around us.

As the sound would not play in some mobile devices, we had to add a “start” button, making it possible to play audio on every mobile device – Android and iOs based ones. A problem is the ever-looping sound…the music would keep playing, and you would have to close the browser window to make it stop. So the solution was to create a stop button.

Today we also discussed whether we should add some animation to the website or not – the website design is not the central element in our concept – the idea is to keep your mobile phone in your pocket, with your earphones plugged. The output in this case is the sound, so you would not really be looking at the screen.

Nevertheless, our website looks really simple, it feels so incomplete and empty. So we decided to work on the design, since the coding part was almost done, except from the start/stop minor issues.

That’s what we have so far:


Not very pretty, ay?








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