Getting started


After the brainstorming session, we decided then that we would work with the feelings of emptiness and crowdedness – if there are too many detected bluetooth devices, you will listen to a soothing music, and if there are too few detected bluetooth devices, you will be cheered up by a jolly tune.

Today Lars showed to us how to receive information from his Bluetooth database on Firebase and how to use and adapt his code to our concept. My first reaction when I saw a code in Js was like “OH….KAY….”, since I have never worked with Js before, just plain Java…and it was like in beginning of 2015. I was very rusty after parental leave.  My partner was also a newbie. Firebase I was confident with, we used several times…but again long time ago.

So we started trying to implement our teacher’s code and adapt it to our concept – we struggled a lot but we could make some progress. We succeeded at least to detect which Bluetooth devices are near to my phone (my partner only has Iphone, so we have been using my Android phone (my main phone is Iphone though).

What we have problem with right now is to count the number of Bluetooth devices, something that is pivotal in our concept – if the number of Bluetooth devices is less than x, we are going to work with output related to loneliness, emptiness, if it is more than x, then it is crowdedness we are talking about. With other words, we gotta come up with some way to count how many devices there are in order to create if/else statements, so we can play different sounds and maybe animations depending on count number.

Today we spent a lot of time trying to come up with an arraylist with all the devices detected by my phone and count them so that we can work with and do some coding. We made the sound part work through our code, but we still could not figure out how to count the number of devices using code.




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