This week we started working with the idea of space, and from that we are supposed to come up with an idea using bluetooth that somehow makes us aware of spatiality. The first step was to brainstorm about the notion of space, and feelings involved.

My partner and I agreed that too small or too crowded spaces make you feel claustrophobic – it is too “dense “ and too hard too breathe – well, not literally, but you feel suffocated and without the privacy you want or need. On the other hand, too empty spaces make you feel lonely, isolated from the rest of the world – yes some type of alienation. Some examples were living in a small apartment or when you live where there are many apartments per floor – and the   opposite – living in a big house or in a apartment where there is just one per floor and good sound insulation.

Besides this aspect of space, we also discussed about height and the vertigo effect – from the top of a very tall building it feels like you are going to fall. We did not give this aspect too much attention though, since we have decided to focus on the aforementioned aspect of space : crowdedness vs emptiness.



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